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DesignBundle comes with the option of handling form submissions. When you opt to use DesignBundle form handling, DesignBundle will take all the submitted data and email it to the email address supplied by you

To set up a form, you will need to hover the mouse cursor over the form until the red outline appears around the form. Next, you’ll need to click the edit icon (the icon shaped as a little pen). This will bring up the style editor on the right side of the window.


Within the Form tab, you can either send the form data by email or specify a custom action. Specifying a custom action will result in the value entered in the input field being inserted into the “action” attribute of the form.

If you opt to send the form data by email, you can specify an email address to send the data to as well as a custom confirmation message (which appear after the form has been submitted). Please note the confirmation message is optional, if left empty, the default confirmation message will be displayed.



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