Getting Started

Getting Started

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Getting Started with DesignBundle

To get started with DesignBundle, please log in to your email account and check the mail the was sent to you, you’ll find your login credentials.



To access Designbundle, use this link to log in with your email and password that was sent to your mail.



To reset your DesignBundle password, click on Lost your password?, enter your email, click “Submit”  and then a link for password reset will be sent to your email address.



How to Edit your DesignBundle Profile

Login to your DesignBundle dashboard click on the profile icon at the top right of the dashboard, select profile from the drop-down.


On the profile page, you can edit your profile photo and contact information…click on update to save.



Dashboard Overview

This is DesignBundle dashboard, on the dashboard, you have several design tools like Page Builder, where you can create a stunning website in few munites.


Here you have the Stock Explorer: where you can find high definition images


Meet Video to GIF converter: with this tool, you can convert any video to GIF in seconds


Here you have the flexible images: where you can find transparent images


Here’s graphic designer, where you can create professional marketing graphics. There are over 3000+ preloaded design template.


Mockup generator: with this tool, you can generate eye-popping laptop, desktop, and watch mockups in one click.


Book designer: this tool will help to create an eye-popping pdf book, reports, case studies etc.


This is the scene creator, with the scene creator, you can create a beautiful desk scene using over 300 moveable items in minutes.


Here you have the eCover creator, this is one of the best features in DesignBundle, where you can create beautiful 3D covers for your books, software, videos, and CDs in minutes.


The last tool in DesignBundle is the Logo Creator: With this tool, you don’t need to spend thousands of $ on logo’s… Just launch and create stunning logo’s



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